About Us

Our Approach

At Fire Rescue Sites, we work with departments and organizations all across the nation to understand their challenges and provide digital solutions. We’re first responders that have served in numerous leadership positions in our departments. We have more than 38 years of combined experience in the fire service, serving from new guy to President of the Board. We’ve been the junior fireman, answered the calls, served as line officers and sat in numerous board and business meetings. This gives us unique perspective and a formidable advantage over other digital marketing and website development agencies. We understand the ins and outs of emergency services and serving the public. We know how your department interacts with your community, and how that interaction with those you serve can work to your benefit. Our experience in the fire service combined with our technical knowledge allow us to provide real solutions for your department.

What We Do

We provide website design and hosting services to Fire Departments, EMS Departments, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and other First Responder agencies and associations across the United States. Our responsive and mobile friendly sites are developed to include all of the features your department or agency needs. We host your organization’s website on fast, extremely reliable high availability servers with solid state drives. Our websites are hosted in the United States and support is based in the United States. You’ll never have to have an awkward conversation with someone from another country in a foreign language when you need help. We know how busy you are and we will ensure that your department’s website is not a burden for you, but a tool that will dramatically improve communication within your department and positively impact the way you interact with your community.


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